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Life gives you enough reasons to not spend your time doing what you want, let us take away a big one.... err, small!

Mosquitos sure know how to ruin a good time. Not only do they leave you with an itchy reminder but they're also a transmitter of a number of diseases. We know how to eliminate most of them buzzing around your place, how to scare them off and interrupt their breeding on your property for months to come. We use safe, well-tested products to do this and would love to be your choice in taking back control!

Service Pricing

Although every property is different, we can give you a pretty good idea of what to expect. The average in town home starts at $69 and we guarantee results for 45 days. If the weather is kind you will likely get results for 60. If you have a very large number of bushes and trees, or have a larger property on the edge of town it could be $15-20 more.

About us

Though just breaking into this as a business we have lots of practical experience with both unwanted pests and vector borne diseases. Between time in the service, disaster relief and emergency medical work our founding members have seen the problems uncontrolled breeding can cause on top of just making life less fun. We've lived through hurricanes, contracted in flooded area's and just spent a whole lot of time fighting the elements.

We are also committed to keeping our honey bees, fish and birds safe. We take the time to learn your yard so we can put the hurt on the pests while protecting the rest!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is it you use?

Our main product line is a synthetic form of pyrethrins. Originally found in the Chrysanthemum flower, these are among the safest of all pesticides around. The natural repelant is an essential oils based spray. 

Is it safe?

Yes. We ONLY use products registered with the EPA. Our main product line has the same active ingredients as found
in some flea and tick shampoos for both humans and animals.

How long does it last?

We use 3 main products. Depending on which are used and how applied 30-60 days is reasonable. 

Do you do commercial?

Yes. We are more than willing to take a look at your needs and see if we are a good fit!

Does rain wash it away?

No. As long as it has had time to dry before the rain it adheres very well to the plants treated.

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